Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie review: Underworld - Rise of the Lycans

It's kind of odd, there were always three Underworld movies planned. It's odd that the third was already planned as a prequel. Or am I wrong and the third planned movie was so bad that they canceled it and put in a prequel instead.

I've seen the previous two Underworld movies and they were decent enough creature movies but I remember absolutely jack about them. OK, they both had Bill Nighy and Kate Pekingsale... Solarsail... Backonsale... That one chick.

So Yummy and I went to see this. It was largely what I expected. Vampire overlords and werewolves playing sort of a "Romeo and Juliet" with shades of "Robin Hood" and some "Gladiator" mixed in with heavy contributions from the artificial blood community.

Bill Nighy plays the same guy you've seen in the first two movies. Michael Sheen (who was in the first two movies and has done a bunch of other stuff but is completely unfamiliar for some reason) plays the first shape changing werewolf. And Brad Pitt plays the daughter of Bill Nighy and girlfriend of Michael Sheen.

There's a lot of blood in this movie. That and a lot of people getting hurt in graphic ways that makes the audience cringe in sympathy.

You don't have to have seen the prior movies to understand what's going on. Which is good because I don't remember much of the prior movies.

It was a fun movie but I'm not getting it on DVD.


Sweetly Single said...

"And Brad Pitt plays the daughter of Bill Nighy and girlfriend of Michael Sheen."

Seriously?? Brad Pitt huh?? WOW who knew he was a cross dresser

bretty said...

in this movie there actually going back in the days of lucian and his love for sonya the daughter of victor the head vampire.I can't wait to watch underworld: rise of the lycans again..its one hell good.