Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Links: Jan 16

Papua New Guinea woman burned as a witch. [link]

"The Recently Deflowered Girl" Illustrated by Edward Gorey. [link]

Escape artist octopus to be freed. [link]
A point should be made that octopi that figure out how to escape do so repeatedly. They also have a life span of only a few years so a replacement would be needed soon anyway.

Specs for Obama's new car. [link]
I've often wondered what kind of milage my car would get once I'm elected President.

A clip from the game "Left 4 Dead" with the Macho Man Randy Savage mod. [link]

Part 1 of a news based game show in England. This episode is hosted by former Doctor Who, Tom Baker. [link]

Apparently Coke makes a decent toilet cleaner. [link]

How to make an Atari joystick lamp. [link]

Pen trick fail

Short story: An Athiest on Judgement Day [link]

I don't know when I'd ever wear it, but I've wanted a good Dr Who scarf pattern for years. [link]

This person has made a fridge for use in poor areas of the world. [link]

Plans for lots of different kinds of paper airplanes. [link]

How one guy build a self guided robotized squirt gun. It finds things and shoots them. [link]

I want to see more of these kinds of video cameras around DC. [link]

You know that if I had the space I'd try to make this greenhouse out of 2-liter bottle. [link]

What political cartoonists say they'll miss about Bush. [link]

Another older video but still awesome.

A parable about furniture making.

Fractal-like wood burning. I must try this. [link]

An interview with a guy who found Christianity and then left it. [link]

First documented case of sleep e-mailing. [link]

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Sweetly Single said...

OMG!! I love the parable video...I sent the link to uber christian wannabe's the perfect last word!!

Thanks for taking me off the blacklist!! LMAO