Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday links: Jan 30

Last week was light so this week is particularly heavy.

Klingon keyboard [link]
You may think that Klingon is a useless language to know. Speaking as a programmer, however, I know of a use. Commenting your code is a very valuable exercise. It tells you later what you were thinking when you were writing code. Often you can't remember what the hell you were thinking the next day, let alone years later. My story from last week proves that. But commenting your code also means that others can read your code, figure out what you were doing, and take over your job. Uncommented code provides job security. But, what if you use a thoroughly obscure language? Like Klingon!

Paraidolia: the phenomena of seeing meaning and shape in random patterns. This site shows things that look like countries. [link]
Now Yummy knows where to send those pictures of cat poop shaped like states.

Toddler rescued from pet python. [link]

Dirty city names in England. [link]
Reason number 492 I should be British.

2,000 people offered up a solution to the problem at the end of the movie "The Italian Job". Here are the top 5. [link]

Deep sea webcam. [link]
You may need to be patient. First time I turned it on I saw a fish and a freaky crab/lobster/spider thing. But I've also seen a lot of nothin'.

Fermenting tips for you homemade beer makers. [link]

Moss bathmat. [link]
Yummy would never let me put this in my bathroom.

This doesn't look like much until you realize it was painted with bioluminescent bacteria. [link]

Science tattoos [link]

Nazi made a city of twins in Brazil. [link]

Tiny housing [link 1] [link 2]

How to hack an electronic road sign. [link]

Barack Obama does good:
He lifted the ban on providing federal funds for international groups that perform abortions. [link]
He blocked all Bush's last minute regulations. [link]
The link went down, but he's also expected to loosen the restrictions on stem cell research.
Closing of Guantanamo Bay order drafted. [link]
Lifted the ban on states setting their own, more strict, vehicle emissions standards. [link]
And just generally kicked ass. [link]

Another "Grow" game. [link]
If you haven't played any of the games in this series before it's all about playing the different bits in the right order. But the wrong order is interesting, too. The page has links to the previous games.

Sabre - a game that simulates training with a light sabre, blast helmet, and floating training droid. [link]

Religious stuff:
Anti-choicer rams a Planned Parenthood with his SUV. [link]

Australian refugees know the proper use for a Bible. [link]

Nature show host Sir David Attenborough talks about the hate mail he gets for not crediting God. [link]

Christopher Hitchens (angry atheist) and Bill Donohue (deluded fundamentalist) discuss Mother Theresa's letters.

How to confuse an anti-choice activist. Just ask "if abortion is illegal what punishment should there be for violators?"

A fluid that changes colors in ultraviolet light.more info: [link]

NYC subway poster vandalism artist.

Bubblicious from Rex The Dog on Vimeo.

Dancing eyebrows.

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NOT TRUE! I would totally dig that moss bathmat as long as there were no bugs that came with it. Or mold.