Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Amazing Christopher

I went to high school and college with a guy who goes by the name The Amazing Christopher. The Amazing Christopher juggled a lot as a kid and rode a unicycle around our hometown of Smallville. Professionally he's a programmer, but after hours this mild mannered computer geek holds down a side business as juggler, balloon artist, and magician.

The Amazing Christopher and I used to exchange Christmas gifts each year. One good one and one lame one. But since his family has moved out of Smallville it's harder for him and I to meet up when we're in Kansas at the same time. But this year I finally got him an autographed Berkley Breathed book and he got me that Geek Pen you saw a few days ago. While there he got to meet Yummy and showed off for the family a bit.

For Yummy he made this monkey complete with cymbals. He also made bananas and a strawberry.

For Mom he made this bug that straps onto your wrist.

Then he made this little game. You're supposed to pull on the end of the clear balloon and launch the ball to the other end. It's trickier than it sounds.

The Amazing Christopher operates out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and is available for weddings, birthday parties, mall openings and ... I dunno a bris or something. Even if you don't want him performing you'll want him to decorate for your wedding reception or prom.

He does bouquets: link
He does decor: link

Check out the rest of his photo collection at http://www.amazingchris.com/

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Kate said...

Isn't there always one kid that rides around on a unicycle and juggles in every small town? There has been in every one I've lived in.

But I like that this one's amazing.