Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Review: The Man with the Golden Torc

I like books by Simon R Green. I was going to say that all of his books are basically the same, but the same could be said about John Grisham and lots of other popular authors.

His books tend to be about a lone human with magical abilities performing some detective work in a magical world existing unobserved within our mundane one. In "The Man with the Golden Torc" it's kind of a James Bond take off. Eddie Drood, better known as Shaman Bond to the world at large, is a part of the ancient and large Drood family. Since man has had basic verbal skills the Droods have worked with a being from a higher dimension to protect the world from all manner of things that go bump in the night. But Eddie has always felt that the family was a bit restrictive. Instead of living in the huge mansion and working with the family he has lived on his own and done his own thing. The family has allowed this only because he still believed in the cause and accepted missions that he was given.

One day he's given a very important mission - the delivery of a powerful relic to the protection of Stonehenge. He goes to the Drood equivalent of Q Branch to get some great weapons and heads out. On the way he gets attacked by wave after wave after wave of various brands of baddie. The family has sold him out. He's been declared rogue and they want him dead.

The rest of the book is very busy. They pack a lot into roughly 400 pages. Eddie Drood turns to various opponents of his family and other rogue family members to try to find out why they want him dead, who the traitor in the family is, and finally fight his way back into the family mansion to put an end to the threat to himself, the family, and possibly even the freedom of the world.

I'm not gonna list it as a great book, but it is a fun book. It's an easy and entertaining read perfect for coffee shop and subway reading.

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