Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creation from a creator's view

It's icy out. I thought I'd get to skip work today but there's too much to do. So here I am and here's a quick post for today.

I have a tendency to take mythological people and events and twist them. Usually it involves a big misunderstanding by the storyteller. So the other day I'm thinking about Adam and Eve (look, even the Pope admits it's not true).

Take on the mindset of God for a moment here. You've managed to create life. That was fairly easy. Intelligence, however, has proven to be a bit more tricky. You've got lots of animals with a low level intelligence, but nothing very good. Stimulus response was fairly easy. You've gotten some basic problem solving skills in a few birds and apes. But, really, everything you've made just follows the program that you've written for them. You need something that can depart from what the programming tells it. Rabbits that will stand and fight or something like that.

So you have a testing ground made up. Like a maze for a rat. You make up yet another hominid model. You input a basic instruction, "don't eat the fruit on the tree in the middle of the garden or I'll KILL you", and release it into the garden. Then you send in a probe to provide contrary information. "Eat the fruit. The fruit will make you smart." The hominids then have to reason out whether they're going to obey the first set of instructions or break with that. Previous models didn't eat the fruit and the programmer had to go back and see where the flaw was. These new ones, however, eat the fruit. This proves they are capable of independent thought and action. The programmer does a little dance and then releases them into the planet he's been working on.

Of course, I'm abandoning all pretense of god's love and all that stuff. As the programmer there's a certain pride in his work and he'd hate to see anything happen to it, but he could just as soon chuck it in the bin or put it in storage when he finishes the next model.

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