Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Department of Acquisition: Dougmas Report

I made out well for Christmas. I'm sure it helped that we drove so there weren't restrictions on how I was supposed to get it back to DC.

Yummy commissioned some Dalek refrigerator magnets for me. She watches this sites where people make stuff and try to sell them. There was a couple whose work she'd seen there and asked them to make a Dalek figure. Well, the whole figure would be hard to make, but they said they could do something that's flat on the back like a magnet. She said "Do it!" and also asked for some word balloons saying "Exterminate!" They liked her idea enough that they not only made some for me but made a couple for themselves.

Same site, different person. He makes caricature of fanboy beloved characters. The top picture contains my Doctor (Tom Baker) and Yummy's Doctor (David Tennant). The lower picture is of Shaun and Ed from "Shaun of the Dead".

Yummy also got me hard cover first printings of the seven books of the "Incarnations of Immortality" series by Piers Anthony. She also got in touch with him. While he wouldn't sign them for fear of delays and damage while in transit he did send her two autographed stickers to place inside of whichever I want.

My cousin, The Muffin Man, got me several old Dr Who books from the original series.

A guy I went to high school and college with used to exchange good and gag gifts years ago. I got him an autographed Berkley Breathed book back then but didn't get it to him until this year. He got me a geek pen.

I also got some shirts that I asked for, a couple of wallets (one for Dollars and one for Euros), and the book "How to Save the Planet Without Leaving the Office".

Finally, Yummy got me this toy.
See, Target commissioned this action figure but serious collectors ravaged the shelves so she could never find them when she went there. But she knows how to make good use of Ebay.

You don't get the last one? Watch these.


Kate said...

Your heart is swelling with joy. I can hear it.

Sweetly Single said...

OMG I heart that Tom Baker drawing!!! He was by far the best!

Yummy is definitely a marvelous gift giver!!