Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Links: Jan 9

Catholic school teacher fired for marrying someone who had been divorced. [link]

Adam Savage (co-host of Mythbusters) gives a talk about a crafts project he got obsessed with. [link]

A 4Kb zombie killing game. There are rumors of an exit, but I haven't seen it. [link] Oop! Now I have. For level 1 just go north. It's a red room.

Find where your user name is still available. [link]

The problem with satirizing religious groups is that no matter how extreme you make your view there are real people who are more extreme than what you're saying jokingly. The question you have to ask is if this is a spoof or not. The Paliban - Sarah Palin supporters... or are they? [link]

2008 Darwin Award winners. [link]

A man tells his story about being charged with child molestation for leaving his church. [link]

Why, yes, we do have one on the farm. My uncle made it as a kid. [link]

Remember Trap-jaw from He-Man? This is how he should have looked. [link]

"Help, help, they're not letting us repress them!" [link]

"The Last Question" by Issac Asimov [link]
The graphic novel version. [link]

Help map microbes movement about the country. [link]

An old video but a good one. Star Wars Episode 1 explained by a 3 year old.

I was never sure if Stay Puft was an actual mascot or not. [link]
See also: Ghostbusters [link] Tell them about the Twinkee.

I bet these mannequins have less plastic than most models with similar dimensions. [link]

Our 4 month anniversary is Saturday so I made Yummy one of these. [link]

Some recommended evolution texts for kids. [link]

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