Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Links: Jan 2

New Scientists's Top 5 science videos of 2008 as chosen by viewers.

Paper people with giant heads. [links]

10 good succulents. I found this interesting because you want succulents when making a green roof. Succulents retain lots of water and should be able to sustain themselves on mere rainfall. But most of all because other plants you might use on the roof are likely to dry out and catch fire. [link]

What happened to Michal Vicks dogs. [links]

NASA has awarded contracts to private space enterprises to continue supplying cargo to the international space station. Part of me is ecstatic about this. Non-government bodies operating space craft is too common in hard science fiction for me not to have visions of a proper space age. On the other hand I think that a space elevator or six are necessary for you or I to get into space. But that would be competition for the same resources and these corporations are likely to lobby against that. [link]

Seven people who sued the scientific method. [link]

Free space shuttle (please provide $42m for shipping and handling.) [link]

101 athiest quotes. [link]

Apparently there's some people in Japan who like to hunt down strange and unusual manhole covers. Here's a site to help find many of them. Or you can just sit there and look them over. [link]

Student finds way to extend the battery life of handheld devices 12 fold. [link]

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