Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday links: Jan 23

First off, one of the few surviving grandfathers of science fiction, Frederick Pohl, now has a blog. [link]
Above all else I recommend reading his first post "Sir Arthur and I" about the collaboration of he and Arthur C Clarke in Clarke's final days. [link]

Animated toy autopsies. Creepy stuff. [link]

I used to work for this company. They make modules for technology classrooms. The kids spend 7-10 days at a module and then rotate to the next. This is one of the classroom modules I worked on. [link]

Astrobiology rap

Good riddance to President Gore. [link]

Inauguration mobs as seen from above. Looks like a lot smaller crowd than what I saw on TV. Still a lot of people, though.[link]

The third Star Wars: Battlefront game almost had an ObiWan turned Sith character. It was ultimately dropped, but the concept art remains. [link]

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