Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Short film collection

Stealing Time

I'm You, Dickhead

Time Trap

The Last Human in the Milky Way

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday Links: 28 August

Baltimore area Batman dies in car wreck. []
I regret that I never saw him on area roads.

18 CEOs called out by Bernie Sanders for economic sabotage. [link]

Conservatives opposed to misogyny? Since when? [link]

Why CG sucks... or doesn't.

Bulldog loves his box.

Cheap synthetic muscle. [link]

Mortal Combat in the back yard.

Beer that's heliumated instead of carbonated.

Game: MineCaves - A MineCraft styled game where you find the gems and keys in the dungeon. [link]

Zorro: Beyond the Thunderdome. [link]

GTA5 plugin gives you better camera control to make your own movies. [link]

JRR Tolkien's latest book. [link]
Three movie deal coming soon.

Another article calling anti-choice groups a bunch of liars. [link]

Bears playing in a pool.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Friday Links delayed

The farmers' market on Thursday screws up Friday Links. Yeah, yeah, that's my excuse.
Place your bets on how long it takes to become Monday Links or I drop the blog entirely.

Toronto is smog free. Shutting down the coal power plants is one of the big reasons. [link]

Counter-script for dealing with telemarketers. [link]

What happens when cyclists obey the traffic laws. [link]
I don't mind stop signs meaning yield for cyclists so long as I'm not getting charged with vehicular homicide when they get hit when blasting in front of me.

Flying Human Torch.

They haven't release the light that runs 2 hours on a lift of the weight, so this will have to do. [link]

75 year old nurse commits suicide, because she knows growing old sucks. [link]

A natural quiet preserve. [link]

Making 2000 year old bread.

I used to love this dead mall.

The Nickleback of the GOP. [link]

Abandoned Japanese fishing village. [link]

Game: Error Prone - drive in a circle better than the automated cars. [link]

Popularity of swearwords across America. [link]

I made one of these for the farmers' market. [link]

Kitchen haunted by a baby ducky. [link]

The Food Babe makes up some bullshit about beer ingredients. [link]
Beer makers set things straight. [link]


How to build a Mossarium. [link]

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Links: July 31

Guys who are abusive to women online really ARE losers. [link]

There are superhumans... of a sort. [link]

Adam Savage wires up his Captain's Chair. [link]

WOOHOO! Washington DC is the worst bang for your buck. What's $100 worth in your area? [link]

Before Adam Sandler there was a good version of "Pixels".

Marion-Kay seasoning 99-X is the Colonel's secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. [link]

Once again, Fox News is confused by the Moon. [link]

The smartphone for the audiophile in your life. [link]

More of the Old Testament/Torah shown to be false. [link]

Did I post these modern grotesques? Have some modern grotesques. [link]
note: it's only a gargoyle if it spits water. 

Pretty sure this isn't canon.

Rocking out on homemade banjos.

A monitor made of thread.

Who has fired Trump? [link]

Luxury animal quarantine. [link]

University of Michigan built a small town just to test self driving cars. [link]

What most non-Planned Parenthood pregnancy counselling places are really like. [link]

It's not pool, it's loop. [link]

It's like a clean room, but for noise. [link]

Lion hunting is WAY easy. [link]

A haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance, or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment.

How to build a great bicycling city. [link]

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Links: July 24

How to cheat sleep. [link]

Why some people are "evil". [link]

Actual 3D, interactive holograms.

A Confederation of lies. [link]

... and I can't even blame it on the Japanese.

Lego Doctor Who trailer. [link]

Shop smart, shop S-Mart. [link]

The return of Bloom County... again. [link]

Most terrifying Joker ever.

This is how Star Wars is done.

19 September

Block God from your kids' computer. [link]

Chinese visitors to SW United States 2500 years ago? [link]

How to give mosquitoes a good population check. [link]

Fog flow.

Which political party is better for the economy? I mean, setting aside the fact that one in particular routinely boasts lower unemployment, lower deficits, and all that. Whose policies are better? [link]

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Links

Messages from BEYOND THE STARS! Or, more likely, from the actual stars. [link]

Mouse vs Scorpion: FIGHT! [link]

Judges told the Kansas Governor that he's required to fund the schools. So now he's trying to get rid of judges. [link]

Rich Californians ask what's the point in being rich if we can't use all the water we want? [link]

Shortest commercial flight. [link]

Delirium deaths: coincidence that 100% of cases are of people in police custody? [link]

The man who decides what goes on beer labels. ALL beer labels. [link]

Another history of Boko Haram. [link]

A history of musicians telling politicians to stop using their music. [link]

See through trucks. [link]

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Links

Laptop issues continue, but here's something.

Cartoon documentary about Washington's medical marijuana. [link]

The instrumentation that's been picked for the Europa probe. [link]

That time NBC funded a breach of the Berlin Wall. [link]

Source of weird radio station found. [link]

Robot dog/cheetah/horse can now jump. And operate off the leash.

Real Viking helmet found. It's short on horns. [link]

I mentioned the iron snail before. Here's more. [link]

I want these cats as strays in my neighborhood. [link]

The Wizard of Oz with They Might Be Giants as the soundtrack.

Clips from the DARPA Robot Challenge narrated by WWE announcers.

100 year old chalkboard discovered. It proves Oklahoma didn't know how to do math back then, either. [link]