Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Movie Review: The Tale of Despereaux

The trailers don't really tell you much of anything about this movie. They talk about how it's the tale of a mouse who isn't afraid of stuff like the rest of the mice. And that's all. That makes for a nice cliche since there's always movies, particularly cartoons, just like that. A thing that doesn't act like the rest of the things does a thing and learned to accept himself and become accepted by the rest of the things. Well he's just a character in this movie.

The movie is also about this kingdom on an island that used to make great soup until one day a rat fell in the queen's soup and she had a heart attack and died. The king then banned all soup from being made, sold, bought, or eaten and banned all the rats. The rats moved deep under the city. The mice lived not quite so deep.

The movie is about the king's daughter. The movie is about the rat. The movie is about the princess's servant who is a little deranged because she wants to be a princess so much. The movie is about a lot more than just some Hollywood cliche.

It's a good movie but not a great one. I won't be getting it on DVD but I would recommend it to people with kids who need a non-Barbie/non-Disney princess movie or else they'll go completely balmy.

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Sweetly Single said...

We bought the book a couple of years ago. It is a Booker Prize recipient for a very good reason!