Monday, June 12, 2006


My green bean plants were slouching so I looked under the leaves to see why. It's because they're being weighed down by bean pods. I picked and ate a few and showed the neighbor kids what green beans are and that they're good to eat. OK, one I had to convince that the beans aren't like mint. Mint leaves you chew and spit out. Beans you swallow.
I got out the edible plants book and had a good look at my mustard plant. It puts out what looks like tiny green beans. If you take them, dry them, and dig out the seeds I'm told it makes for a good spicy mustard. But that takes work. So I ate a couple and gave a few to the neighbor kids. Then I had to fend them off so that they wouldn't eat the ones that weren't ready yet.

After my rear wall is fixed and I move back in I'm gonna try to start a small hydroponics area. Look for a posting about the various kinds of hydroponics systems available in the next week or so.

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