Thursday, June 22, 2006


Mom found this website ( several years ago and I've been wanting to do the potato barrel thing ever since. Just scroll down a little ways, it's there.
So I got a barrel to do this a month or so back. The plan was throw in rotting vegetation, dirt, worms, etc and let it slowly build up as I cut the lawn and what not. But instead the cute girl next door was planting flowers that day so I helped her and we wound up throwing a lot more dead plants in there than I planned. So I had a full barrel that is slowly settling.
A neighbor threw out a refrigerator and left a quarter bag of potatoes in it. They were in good shape and a few were sprouting so I grabbed them. A few I left on a counter, a few I threw in the barrel, one I dropped on the front lawn, and one I stuck in with a section of transplanted prickly pear in a large pot. The one in the large pot stuck up a few shoots a couple days ago - two along the potato and one several inches away. So I checked the one on the ground. It was trying to take root so I moved it to another pot out back. I would have left it, but I didn't want to dig up my front yard to get at the potatoes.
The ones in the barrel were sending out some roots, but they weren't as happy as the ones in the front. Possibly because they were buried and possibly because I was keeping the lid on the barrel for reasons that made sense at the time but seem pretty stupid now. But they're unburied and the lid is off so I'll keep updating the notes about their progress.
I'll try to remember to take my camera home and take some pictures.

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