Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I had to pop out for a new drill bit yesterday. On the way I saw a sign for some new "green" store that just opened down a street that nobody seems to walk down. So I hunt the place down and check the place out. At first it seems to be just fair trade tea and natural cotton and some nice hemp shirt that they want to charge way too much for. Then I get to the back room.
The back room was about fabrics and goods. The back room was about construction and eco-friendly housing materials. Soy based expanding foam insulation, cork and bamboo flooring, a variety of recycled countertops, tankless water heaters, light tubes to draw light from outside, and much more.

They had the SoyTherm insulation as seen here (http://soyol.com).
I'm also looking at BioBase 501 (do your own search).

They had several kinds of tankless water heaters, but the big ads were for Rheem's stuff. (http://rheem.com/)
Apparently the US is about the only place left where they use hot water tanks. While the city sterilizes the water as best they can some bacteria survive and they love the nice warm water in a hot water tank. It's more sanitary to use the tankless system and it takes up less space.

And installed instead of ductwork they had DuctSox (www.ductsox.com/). Instead of big heavy metal with lots of scrap to throw out when you're done you get a box and hang this big long hose. When the AC comes on the hose inflates.
It was pretty cool to watch it inflate when the AC came on.

If you happen to be in the DC area and want to hit the shop go to Church St between 14th and 15th NW.

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