Thursday, June 15, 2006

Home materials

I hit the National Building Museum to see their Green House exhibit. Here are my notes.
More on the exhibit and the contents here.

It's a spray in insulating foam. I'm gonna use some in my house. I'm still trying to figure out which one I like. These are the leading contenders.

insulating concrete forms
They're concrete forms made from styrofoam. Build your house out of this stuff and then fill it with cement. (

Dakota Burl agricultural waste composite boards
It's made from wheat straw and sunflower seeds and a variety of other material that farmers might throw away.

Built by a company called 3-Form (
"ecoresin™ is made from spectar PETG co-polyester resin with 40% post-industrial recycled content," In English that means that it's a transparent polymer in which you can embed pretty much anything you want. I've seen their beargrass samples in person a few times but they have lots of other options, too. (

Innovations in Wallcoverings inc
They make a variety of interesting wall coverings.

Cement based countertops (

Innvironments Eco-suede
Innvironments is the company and Eco-suede seems to be wallpaper without the toxic fumes of vinyl, but all the benefits. (

The sites are under construction ( but they sell some wood products that I considered for the wall.

Brasilia wood composite decking - by Trex Company Inc(
Trex makes decking. The particular variety they had at the show was the Brasilia wood composite.

From the bottom up, this is what they had for their green roof. You put plants on your roof to insulate the roof, process the rain water, and cool the neighborhood.
Monolithic Membrane6125-ev roofing membrane
Hydroflex 30 protection course and Root Stop root barrier
Dow styrofoam insulation
moisture retention mat
Gardendrain and Floradrain drainage layers
Systemfilter filter fabric

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