Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well that didn't work.
I got the stud finder and it picked an area of wall that it liked. I drilled in and found something oddly soft. I screwed in the hook, gave it a tug, and it came out just a bit. No good.
I got a light and looked in the hole. It looked like I hit the edge of the stud. So I moved up and to the right and drilled again. This was more solid and seemed to work ok until I actually put some weight on the hammock. Then it tore out.

Other options remaining.
1) Drill into known brick and hope that holds.
2) Engineer a new stand that involves lots of blocks of wood and many screws and a ridiculous level of over-engineering.
3) Crack open the ceiling and lift the carpet sooner than expected and fix a wooden beam to them.
4) Put the hammock away until I can get a deck built.
5) Give up on the hammock and get one of these. Dehumidify AND get me clean drinking water.

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