Wednesday, June 28, 2006

movie reviews

Night Watch: The first of a modern Russian vampire trilogy. Ages ago a virgin had a curse put on her. Wherever she went things went wrong and people died. But she also created the Others. There are good Others and bad Others. There was a great battle between the two, but they were evenly matched and would both be slaughtered so a truce was called. The good Others would be called the Night Watch and police the bad Others. The bad Others would be called the Day Watch and police the good others. Which side ya new Other joins is up to that person. There is a prophecy that there would one day be an Other more powerful than all Others and would end the balance and lead one to victory over the other.
Now there's a new cursed virgin that could destroy Moscow and the prophecied (sp?) Other has come.

The movie itself is pretty good, but not great. I like it for the subtitles. Get the DVD. On one side is the standard English, French, and Spanish dubbing and subtitles. On the other is the theatrical release in Russian with English subtitles. If someone is reading from a computer terminal the subtitles are typed in. When the bloodstarved vampire speaks it's in white, but turns red and drifts away like drops of blood in the water. If the subject being discussed is tossed around the words go with it. There's lots of neat tricks they use.

The second movie is out in Russia and coming to the US soon. The third movie is filming.

Doogle: A co-worker got this and loaned it to me. I'm sure the kids will love it. I rank it with Chicken Run.

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