Saturday, June 17, 2006

my house

My house will be a disaster soon. More so than it is just having me live in it. The brick wall that makes up the back of my house was crumbling, the renovations before I moved in were less than worthless, termites have moved in, and there's no insulation other than brick. I could have gone the cheap and easy route and patched it up enough to last a few more years. But I want it done right. I don't want to worry about what's going on inside the wall.
Contracts have been signed, a storage POD ( will be delivered next saturday so I can start moving out... did I mention I have to move out while they're working? And I'll have to start writing checks in a few hours.
The new wall will be made of 2x6s with a brick facade. Crawlspace access will be added, as will a door on the second floor to allow me to later add a deck. The eventual deck will have a spiral stair leading to the roof.
The workers have orders to leave the wall open. Once the workers have cleared out I'll have to redrill holes for the phone/DSL line and I'll try to get a phone installed on the first floor this time. I'll also install an antenna on the roof and run it downstairs.
Then the wall gets filled with insulating foam. I like BioBase 501 ( but TigerFoam ( also appeals to me since it seems to be designed specifically for the do-it-yourselfer. I plan to hit the underside of the roof at the same time.
Then the wall covering. I looked at all the nifty stuff I mentioned in the previous entry, but again, I want to know what's going on inside the wall. I want detachable wall panels. So I'm going to try to get the printing plates from the Borden Institute's (where I work) next book, cover them with old newspaper and wallpaper paste, paint them with one of those nice paints that don't outgas for a year, and then cover that with a sealer, then hang those on the wall. Anytime my paranoia gets the better of me I just unscrew the wall and see how dry and termite free my wall is.

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