Sunday, June 25, 2006

puff... gasp...

This is not something I want to do on a regular basis.
Awhile back I built some shelves in my bedroom using only notches and pegs.

I made the shelves flush with the front of my closet so there'd be room behind it for storing tools and stuff. Yesterday I built a small tool bench back there and a rack on the wall to hang stuff. Then I started moving comic book boxes back there. I cleared off three sets of bookshelves, moved them upstairs, and refilled them. I still have another to go today as well as some modular all purpose shelving. Then I have to stack the computer museum in the far corner. Hopefully by tonight I'll be able to take apart the bed and put it up on end so I'll have room for more stuff.
Yes, I'll be moving the alarm clock downstairs. Anything I might need to wear over the next month has been removed from the closet and the closet stuffed with more comic books and other odds and ends. I'll be sleeping downstairs on the couch for the next week.

I had to pull up some of the carpet to make the boards fit behind the peg bookshelves. That extra centimeter made all the difference. As I feared, the floor is still the original 1890 flooring. No amount of buffing and polish will fix this. It has to be replaced. Why not just leave the carpet over it since it seems to be holding so nicely? Well, I don't have room for a vaccuum cleaner, other than my Roomba. I was planning on ripping the carpet off the stairs after the wall is fixed anyway. To properly insulate the attic crawlspace, which is too small to crawl in, I'll have to rip out the ceiling. Maybe then I can see whats wrong with the ducts. This weekend's rains have also shown me that my work on the roof did not patch the leaks. So this tells me that the problem is likely the mortar crumbling around the chimney. So I'll want to take the sheet rock off the north wall and assess the situation.

But the point that I started to make in the very first sentance is that I'll have to move everything that I'm putting in the bedroom down to the living room so I can work in the bedroom. The good news is that my computer room will have a whole door by then so I can let the breeze flow through the top floor better which will be nice for doing heavy work in July/August.

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