Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vacation pics: Anheuser-Busch tour

There's lots of places where you can go on brewery tours. We saw signs for a brewery tour and distillery tour on our drive home. I can't really compare them, but I know the Anheuser-Busch tour in St. Louis is one you want to go on even if you're not a drinker. The campus is gorgeous and any place that has to brew the levels of beer they do can't help but impress.
Note: There's the normal brewery tour which is free and the Brewmaster Tour which isn't. We were on the normal tour.

A couple of the clydesdales. More were in the stable.
Even more on their farm outside of town.

Inside the campus stables. There were a couple of these wagons.
Horse stalls are behind the doors to the left and right. 

Just some of the buildings. You see the 1891 on top?
Other buildings have 1991 on top, but match the design
of the older buildings.

The malt house. I think it may be offices now, though.

After being used up, grains are put into these wheat trucks and sold as cow feed.

Just another one of the buildings.

This guy is on many of the corners. He's an old mascot
they used to sell non-alcoholic drinks during prohibition.

One of the pictures from the bottling room floor. I have others, but they're meh.

Yummy and I found a couple of these between a couple of escalators.
They seemed lost so we kept them.


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Those are for when you have to open your invisible can of Whoop-Ass.

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