Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Movie Review: Brave

Here's the trailer for "Brave" that you've seen. Merida competing in an archery contest so she won't have to marry someone she doesn't even know.

Here's the second trailer I saw. A Japanese trailer.

What? the fuck?
It goes from being a movie about an independent woman fighting for her freedom to a movie about how if a woman doesn't do as she's told she'll be attacked by bears and bring about the end of the kingdom.

Luckily, the Japanese trailer is misleading. There's no damn curse or spirit of the forest for one thing. Nor will it destroy the kingdom.

The movie is largely about the conflict between Merida and her mother. That and reading the fine print in a contract. I don't want to tell you much of anything about the movie. The trailer covers a scene early in the movie, but not too early. And after that things get wild. But they didn't tell you what happens so I'm keeping quiet, too.

I will be getting it on DVD. It's a good movie. It's Pixar.

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