Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Links: June 29

How to light a match with water. (really hot water)

Underwater lakes. [link]

A gospel of Judas is being translated. There's much to support it being real. [link]

The software company Valve has no bosses. [link]

A nerdy Twitter conversation between Simon Pegg and Wil Wheaton. I love it when actors are geeks. [link]

Video of a momma bear operating a garage door to free her cub. [link]

Listen to this program. The Amazing Christopher is a friend of mine. Pictures 6-9 are the stuff he did for the show. [link]
Here's some of his better work. [link]

Books that make you undatable. [link]

Software that "evolves" music. [link]

I can't remember if I posted the video I saw of the Slinky being dropped. Here's a similar video with a good explanation. [link]

"Much Better Now" - a 5 minute short film about a bookmark having fun. [link]

Cartoons have taught us the moonshine comes in a jug with 3 Xes on the side. What the XXX means is that it's been run through a still 3 times. [link]
note: I had to hold onto this link for a couple of weeks before it worked. You may have to, too.

The proper name for a # is an octothorpe. [link]

Lenin and Stalin robbed a bank. [link]

Six people who managed to screw up the economy by themselves. [link]

If you're in the DC area, or plan to be on July 11, you can get your own copy of the Team Cul de Sac book signed by Richard Thompson and friends. I'm gonna be there trying to get more signatures than I already have. [link]

It's six years old, but this video is about using human game playing to improve artificial intelligence and search results.

A Tiny Toons cartoon that was dropped after the first showing. [link]

Valve's new Source Filmmaker software. Even if you haven't done any 3D modeling you'll want to check this out.

Entries in a minimalist Lego competition. [link]

Otis vs The Doctor. [link]

Training for the Promethius mission. Don't watch if you haven't seen the movie.

Legend has it that the Easter Island heads walked to their locations. Turns out it may be true.

A cat playing a guitar gets interrupted by an earthquake. It's like the internet taken physical form.

Party Rock Cantina

A university ad for the humanities department and why the ad sucks. [link]

Two planets with orbits close enough that they could probably watch each others TVs. [link]

The 15 biggest cargo ships emit as much pollution as all the cars in the world. [link]
A much better reason to buy from your home country, or at least continent.

Capuchin monkeys can be taught to understand and use money. They immediately started paying for sex. [link]

A DJ who stayed awake for 200 hours never recovered psychologically. [link]

Lonesome George, the last pinta island tortoise, has died. [link]

This asteroid has a moon. [link]

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