Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Links: June 22

Dragonflies raised in high oxygen environments grow larger. [link]

The history of money. [link]

All 786 known planets to scale. [link]

1/3 of 2011 divorce papers used the word Facebook. [link]

Matt Groening will be ending his "Life in Hell" comic. Alas, the last one I saw was before he started "The Simpsons". I though "Life in Hell" was long over. [link]

Liz Shaw, a Doctor Who companion back in the Jon Pertwee days has passed away. [link]

Live action (sorta) Futurama intro.

The Avengers meet Firefly. It's a Joss Whedathon.

The Hensons are working on a new puppet show. Disney owns The Muppets at the moment, so I'm not sure the use of the name Muppets is appropriate. [link 1] [link]

How did I miss this?

The "Rock Bottom Remainders" is breaking up. It stars Stephen King, Dave Barry, Amy Tan and Mitch Albom. [link]

They're not good, but they're fun.

 Fetching cat.

11 caffeine facts. [link]

Michael Bay's TMNT movie being delayed because of script issues. So many jokes to be made about that. [link]

Necronomicon pizza and other geek graphics. [link]

Oookie picture of a bee stinging someone. [link]

All hail the cat lord!

China claims they can build the new world's tallest tower in only 90 days. [link]
What they don't say it that they plan to bomb everything taller than The Great Wall.

You aren't really ready to have a kid. [link]

The X37b is back and boy are it's arms tired. [link]

You're (slightly) more likely to die on your birthday. [link]

How self driving cars could change things. [link]

Surfing dogs. [link]

There has been a successful monkey head/body swap. [link]

Belief in a god dropping among people 30 and younger. [link]
That number is still over 50%. Notable, but not impressive.

Time lapse video of a fire in New Mexico. [link]

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