Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Links: June 8

Because we demanded it... DOCTOR WHO CARRYING THE OLYMPIC TORCH! [link]
Sure, it should have been David Tennant and he should carry it the last leg of the race, but deal with it, people! Be happy we got this!

That was not inspired by this. Another Doctor Who mini-episode written by kids.

Feral chickens in LA. [link]

The name orange for the color comes from the fruit, not the other way around. [link]

You've heard of first, second, and third degree burns. Turns out they go up to sixth degree. The last two usually are only diagnosed by coroners. [link]

Red Solo cups have lines in certain places for a reason. [link]

Unpublished photos from an old A-bomb test. [link]

Doggie MRIs. [link]

Jay Leno stole this guy's video. [link]

Cleaning oil soaked animals doesn't work. [link]

The Goon Show Radio show broadcast 24/7. [link]

In 1868 a clown ran for President. One might argue that a clown runs for President EVERY four years. [link]
Check out the Expressions section at the end.

Oklahoma State University is trying to patent a steak. [link]

The combover has already been patented. [link]

230% efficient LEDs. [link]

NASA returns $8 in economic benefits for every dollar invested. [link]

Mitt Romney's ads... lying or just quoting liars? [link]

A brief history of motorcycle design. [link]

The dying sound of modems. [link]
Check out the link to the Museum of Endangered Sounds. It's a link I ended up not using.

A comparison of the books Illuminatus! and Atlas Shrugged. [link]

Trailer for "Wreck-It Ralph". This movie is gonna be great.

The work that must have gone into getting the rights to all these video game characters had to have been insane.

Tiny satellites will be using the XBox Kinect to dock with each other. [link]

Beginning modders can learn a few things from this guy. Nerf guns into sci-fi weapons. [link]

Cable TV exec is a big whiner. [link]
Suck it up and die already, cable TV.

Meanwhile, a cable network is being sued by Fox, CBS, and NBC for having a service to skip commercials. [link]
Damn, I read a story not too long ago about a guy who got rich selling that exact gadget. What book was that in? It's gonna bother me for days.

I knew that they had Eddie Izzard playing Grandpa Munster, but now they have Jerry O'Connell as Herman Munster in the new Munsters series. [link]

The Trololo Guy died the other day of a stroke. [link]

The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, has been made gay after the DC universe reboot. I've already seen some questioning the wisdom of making the superhero with a vulnerability to wood gay. Criticism of this decision by One Million Moms on Facebook backfired spectacularly and they took down their Facebook page. [link]

I'm not as much a fan of the SCP Foundation as some, but have a look at the articles mentioned here. [link]

Another death. Damn. Richard Dawkins Dawson this time. The only proper host of "Family Feud". [link]

Wondering about the effects of sun on your skin? Check out the face of this truck driver. 28 years with one side of his face getting all the sun. [link]

Kinda like this guy who cracked the knuckles on one hand but not the other for 60 years. [link]

Hey, neat! Look at this desert feature. [link]

A cappella Skyrim Theme.

Deleted Tweets by politicians. [link]

Board game flow chart. [link]

Cars is really a far distant sequel of Wall-E. [link]

Alright, I need this iron. [link]

Watch the video for this KickStarter project. They want to make quality sci-fi movies for a reasonable price. I think they can do it. [link]

My kind of motorcycle. One that can't fall over. [link]

Here's what happens when I get into the weird parts of YouTube.

40,000 year old musical instruments. [link]

Skyrim: Bear

Part 2 - Skyrim: Dovahbear

New Simon's Cat.

Gentlemen. How do we kill... The INTERNET! (dramatic sound que). [link]

NASA has compiled a short list of things that they ask you not touch if you find yourself on the moon. [link]

Some of the most powerful photos ever taken. [link]


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