Monday, June 18, 2012

More Vacation Slides

One last picture from The Arch. There's a museum under The Arch that talks about the westward expansion across the United States and the ongoing settlement of the land. This picture is just of the ceiling. The museum is a fan shaped room that's organized in a series of concentric arcs radiating from the entrance. The further you are from the door the later it is. The subject being discussed in the museum changes as you sweep the room from right to left.

note: If you go to St Louis and want to go up The Arch you want to get there early. By this I mean when they first open. You need tickets to go up and they go fast. If you're not early expect to spend an hour and a half waiting for your turn.

Later that week we met up with some friends and hit the St Louis Zoo. We started late in the day so only got a couple of hours in. We were amazed at how active the animals are. At most zoos you have to catch them at lunch time if you want to see activity. Having accepted up front that we weren't going to see everything helped. It meant we could take our time and watch the animals instead of rushing through the zoo identifying an animal and moving on.
Yummy bonds with a ring tailed lemur. 

A baby lemur going to momma for protection after annoying dad.

The most prominent bald eagle I've seen in a zoo.

A vulture trying to sleep.


other bird
additional bird

This guy just sat on the fence. Another one was on the ground below
so I'm assuming this guy was protecting his mate. 

"Wait, what? You reach for me. I snap at you. You back off. That's how it's supposed to work.
None of this petting the birdie crap! But I'm not saying 'stop'."

"You're not even coming over here? Just point a camera and move on from way over there? Jerk."

Grumpy owls.

Prairie Dogs. Lots of them making lots of noise. 

These guys must have mistaken us for someone else.
They rushed the wall and expected... I dunno, something.

Just a flower I saw on the way out. 

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