Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Links: June 15

In the 1850's and 1860's Chicago was jacked up to allow for better drainage. [link]

Rats laugh when tickled. [link]

The world's longest lived two faced cat. [link]

Camera simulator. Quality camera. [link]

A free PDF of the book containing all the coffee jokes from the Sheldon comic strip. [link]

As the Bush Tax Cuts come up for renewal again it's time to ask the question "whose policies are more responsible for current deficits: Bush's or Obama's?" [link]

Why we don't believe in science. [link]

How to care for a baby mouse. I'm giving the link instead of embedding it because you'll want to read the video description. [link]

The creepiest damn earrings I've ever seen. [link]

A 16 minute video showing the making of the Hofner Violin Beatles Bass.

You've probably noticed that more and more doctor visits involve less and less time with the doctor. This article talks about ways that medical care is being given without doctors. [link]

Click and Clack are retiring. [link]

Vampire graves found in Bulgaria. [link]

Amelia Earhart apparently landed on an island and sent 57 SOS signals. [link]

Hugh Laurie may play the head of OmniCorp in the Robocop remake. [link]
That makes him and Samuel L Jackson.

In a remarkable cool move that almost, but ultimately didn't happen, Sony fully intended to let Disney put Oscorp Tower in the New York skyline in The Avengers. Disney wants the rights to Spiderman and related properties back, so that fight is ongoing. But relations are apparently good enough that this detail almost happened. [link]

From the people who brought you the box office disaster "Battleship" and the company behind the last several movies starring Adam Sandler comes a movie based on Tonka trucks! [link]
Now if they can just get Kristen Stewart to star they'll have a perfect trifecta of crap.

Game: Fix It Felix - the game to go with the trailer to "Wreck It Ralph" from last week. [link]
I haven't played it yet, so play at your own risk.

My music literacy has never been great. The radio wasn't on much at home, the tractor had AM radio (so GOP talk, religious talk, or 50's/60's music), and the pickup usually had the 50's/60's station on. I remember being in gym class in grade school and being asked who I thought was better: Michael Jackson or Culture Club and being dimly aware that I had heard of one of them. The first time I heard of Nirvana was when their lead singer played a catch little ditty with a 12-gauge wind instrument. I first heard of Rihanna because of her utility as a punching bag. So you know I'm only posting this because I like this guy's lip syncing of the Rihanna video.

Simon Pegg talking about messing with his Twitter followers.

Letter to the editor written as airplanes were becoming common. [link]

A virus with a suicide command. [link]

Some Pixar rules for writing. [link]

Game: I dunno, I haven't played this one either, but it's based off of something from "Community". [link]

The Team Cul De Sac auction is over. I'll go into my loot the results more later, but I wanted to show you this. The Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes creator) piece blew everyone else away by netting more than $13K. [link]

15 horrible covers of Beatles songs. [link]
The French version actually didn't make me wince... until about halfway through.

Gum in various acids.

I knew that George Washington had the opportunity to become King, but turned it down. I didn't know that King George called him the greatest man in the world for it. [link]

More games I haven't played. These are based off of the games mentioned on the radio in Grand Theft Auto III. [link]

Best hoodie ever! [link]

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