Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Movie Review: Men in Black 3

Some movies you walk out of really let down.
Some movies you walk out of having gotten exactly what you expected.
Once in awhile you come out of a movie feeling that it was better than you expected. "Men in Black 3" was one of those movies.

Don't get me wrong. There's still lots of other movies that I like more. But I went into "The Avengers" with a good idea of what to expect. "Prometheus" was great, but not as scary as you might expect. "Men in Black 3" ended up better than I thought. See, when I first saw the trailers I liked what I saw. And since it had been so long since the previous movie I assumed that someone had a good idea. I was psyched. But, a few weeks ago I heard they'd been working on getting this movie made for years and had even pulled a "Transformers 3". A Transformers 3 is where they start filming before they have a script. How seriously can you be taking your film if there's no script? My expectations dropped significantly, but the trailer still gave me hope.

So, we saw it. I'd heard it was kinda slow in the beginning. Luckily, I don't mind that. Things don't necessarily have to explode to catch my interest. They were setting the stage for things to come. As it went on the movie kept giving us the unexpected. I often use MiB 1 and 2 as examples of what I was talking about yesterday where sequels don't give us the new world to explore that the first movie does. But MiB3 doesn't suffer from that too much. It is a known world, but a long time has passed. J has had a few promotions. Some characters have died. A new leadership has taken it's place. Just as you're settling into this new world something changes back in the late 60's and things change. So J has to go back in time to save K and set history right. Yummy fell for a freakish character who sees multiple timelines at once. He starts off as another freak, but you soon start to like the guy. And then there's a horrible, wonderful ending that you really just don't see coming.

I am wondering, though... didn't K get his mind wiped at the end of MiB2 so he could retire and return to the love of his life? Yeah, best forget that movie.

I'll be getting this on DVD. And I should check to see if I have the original. I think I had it on VHS.

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