Thursday, March 29, 2007


In a measuring cup I've placed two of the potatoes from last year's crop. One had already started to sprout and that's the one I'm focusing on here.

Day 2 - Most of the growth was in the root.

Day 4 - You can see the shoot has grown a bit, but only because there's a picture.

Day 6 - Now it's starting to show off.

Today is the beginning of day 8. The shoot has grown even more in the last day and a half. The other potato has started to put off root but not where I expected. The one in the pictures I'll probably put in dirt in another week.

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Wise Mama said...

My new computer doesn't let me save "favorites" so that I can go back and find websites easily. I was wondering "How am I going to find Doug's blog?" No problem. I just googled Dougintology and found the blog and other's references to it.