Monday, March 26, 2007

Movie Review: TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - comic book turned cartoon turned movie. It's been 14 years since the last movie and we were well rid of them. But having been given a rest there was time to come up with a decent script.

Like Superman Returns (Superman V or Superman III depending on if you acknowledge Reeve's last two stinkers) this movie acknowledges much of the time that has passed. Their default nemesis, The Shredder, is still dead. His Foot Clan struggles along without a leader or direction. The turtle's are similarly leaderless with Leonardo off in the wilds of South America for training and protecting the villagers from militants. The other turtles are working tech support, kids parties, or off on their own one man vigilante squad.
Enter Patrick Stewart. Yeah, that's right. Suddenly the kiddie movie has some clout.
Captain Picard is a 3,000 year old military commander whose strangely Asian looking armor was on the verge of conquering South America and then the world until his plan to bring a transdimensional army into this world backfired. He was made immortal, his generals turned to stone, and thirteen demons scattered into the world.
Now the stars are about to align just so again to reopen the dimensional rift. Stewart has become the head of an economic instead of military empire. He recruits the Foot Clan and reanimates four of his generals to round up the demons so he can banish them from this world and lift the curse of immortality from himself.

Also involved are April O'Neill, former reporter now artifact hunter, and her beau Casey, human vigilante.

It's really a good story that can probably be appreciated more by us 30-something kids who watched the cartoon than our own offspring. Then again, there was someone my own age behind me whose kid was explaining the backstory to him.
Seriously, I was impressed with how good a job they did on this movie. I'll probably get it on DVD and I'm not a huge Ninja Turtle fan.

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