Thursday, March 22, 2007

Game Review: Rayman-Raving Rabbits

Rayman has had several other games that I've never played. I kept looking at this one on the shelves and taking note, but passing it by. But it got good comments by some of the online cartoons that I read. I trust these guys more than people who get paid to review games.

I'm guessing that the mini-games inside the Rayman games must have been the most popular features. All this is is a bunch of mini games. There are a bunch of two button Dance Dance Revolution type games. A couple of the repeat the pattern games much like Simon when I was a kid. Lots of games where you're locked on a path and have to shoot as you go through. There's racing games and milking games and whack-a-mole games and all sorts of stuff. It's like they took all the online games you got sick of after 3 plays and put them in a single package so that when you get bored with one they give you another. This game is about packaging. Packaging and the ability to press buttons really fast.

There are a lot worse games that I could have bought, and have in the past. If you're looking for something to buy for your kids that isn't bloody or violent this is a good one. It's for when your kids move past the Lego Star Wars games.

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