Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kassy's Happy Hour

It's not really fair to call it Kassy's Happy Hour. She was one of four hosts. She's the only one I happen to read so I'm naming it for her. It's not one of the standard DC Blogger Happy Hours. Someone else puts those together. Anyway, I went. The last one I tried to go to ... well look in my archives.
Never had a Corona before tonight. I would have had something else, but when I finally found an opening in the bar it was too loud to talk and among the empty boxes near me was a Corona box. That and Bud Light. Since Bud Light tastes like proper beer passed through a horse three times I made the universal hand sign for one and then pointed at the Corona box. I wound up having four. This was three more than I intended since I was a pint short of blood. I'd been to the Red Cross mere hours before.

The bar was packed. I moved slowly into the main bar area and soon found someone who I'd never seen before. To make this clear, I'd never seen any of them before. But there was one particular person I'd never seen before. Miss KassyK. She's listed along the side if you care to see her blog. I got the afore mentioned Corona and found a place out of the flow of traffic. I tried talking to a few people with little to no success. Finally, part way through my second bottle I ran into a woman I'll just call Candy Sandwiches. I'm pretty sure that's her digital name. Lovely woman. Nice eyes, lovely smile, and she barely knew anyone there so she was willing to talk to me. We actually spent most of the evening chatting. I mean, with some repeats and some holes in understanding because it was so bloody loud.

In the morning I'll see if any of the contact information she gave me still makes any sense. I'll also reread this so see if this blog entry makes any sense.

I did get to meet Kassy properly at one point. Somewhere in my third bottle I headed for the restroom and met her going the other way. I introduced myself so I wouldn't be just that strange guy standing next to the juke box. At some point she asked me for my real name. Damned if I know why. I'm sure it made some sort of sense at the time.

Anyway, bedtime.

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Mike said...

Dude, no link to any other blogs are to the side.

It made ok sense though.