Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Two and a half months later...

Dad is a farmer. Ok, he's a pipe fitter who farms on the side. But during the cold months he needs something else to do so he makes stained glass windows.
For Christmas of 2005 I asked him to make some house numbers for me. He made this lovely window but since I was still using airplanes for transport he had to mail it to me. Even so, it showed up cracked. Then some stupidity on my part left it where a gust of wind could knock it down and do additional breakings.
So for Christmas of 2006 he made me a replacement for the main body of the window. I'd driven back to Kansas so I had a vehicle to move it back with. Yesterday was warm enough AND I was thinking about it so I scraped the old numbers off the glass and put Dad's numbers up in it's place. You can see it below.