Thursday, March 29, 2007

Book Review: There Was an Old Woman

This is the third Nursery Crime novel. I haven't read the other two. I expected mother goose characters, but that's another series of mysteries. This is a real world based story with inspiration from the rhyme "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe." This kinda takes all the fun out of figuring out who dunnit. It tells you right in the title of the book. Might as well write a book called 'The Butler Did It".

A young woman goes off for another year of college at an all girls college. The third girl has just disappeared in 7 years or so and everyone is all worked up. I'm rather wondering why since most places would offer up fatted calves for sacrifice to get numbers that low. Anyway, the girl goes off to college against her mother's wishes.
Our main character and her roommate both knew the missing girl and start a group to hunt her down. In their search they keep getting themselves in danger.

I should mention that there's a second killer besides the old woman in the shoe, but I'm not saying who.

It's a decent book if you're into mysteries. I'm not but I read the whole thing so it can't be too bad. Anyone want it? Not really the sort of book that fits in my collection.

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Mike said...

Yeah, I'll take it.

You might try Ellery Queen's Dutch Shoe Mystery. Or better yet ,the Egyptian Cross Mystery where headless corpses are being nailed up on Long Island.