Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sod off Wednesdays

This isn't gonna work.

For the moment lets assume that I was a shitty poster lately because I was sick. The four years before that are gonna need another excuse. It's 4:30 on Wednesday and I'm just now putting finger to keyboard. Why? Because I had to be at the office for a staff meeting and to attempt in-processing. I just got home. So, that was, what? Eleven hours since I left the house for work? Geez. That's a bad sign.

Anyway, for the next 6 months at least I'm gonna need a new Wednesday plan. I could work ahead a bit. Have something ready ahead of time. I used to be good at that. Nah. I like this other plan better.

Sod Off Wednesdays.

You come looking for a new post on Wednesdays? Well sod off. You're not getting it.

Yeah. Lets see how that works.

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