Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Links: October 29

Working version of the gun from the movie "Aliens". 

Looks like there may be a whole lot of water in the Moon. [link]

Nifty pot pie. [link]

Can you spot the bug in "Fallout New Vegas"? Look close. 

50 tips from pilots. [link]

New York candidate for governor from the "Rent Is Too Damn High Party". [link]

End grain floors. [link]
How not to make grain floors. [link]

My man My Krodie is pictured in this comic strip. Dark haired guy in the last panel. [link]

Newly discovered galaxy is the furthest away that we know of. [link]

Potassium Chlorate and a gummy bear. Instead of embedding the video I'm giving you the link so you can read about what's happening, too. [link]

The first planets outside our star system (exoplanets) were discovered when I was in college. It was discovered by watching a star get dimmer and brighter over a rather short time. It meant that there was an eclipse. The planet passed between the star and the telescope and blocked some of the light. Using this technique astronomers started finding loads of planets. These planets tend to be gas giants very close to the star. Close meaning orbiting closer than Mercury does to our own star. And giant meaning that they dwarf Jupiter. We find them easiest because they're big enough to cause a significant dip in the light and being so close their orbits take a matter of days or weeks instead of years. These links talk about a couple of interesting recent discoveries. [NN Ser] [Upsilon Andromedae b]

Elect the Willfully Ignorant to Congress. 

Extended version of the Christine O'Donnell/Chris Coons debate I posted last week. She honestly seems to think that people are laughing at how stupid she makes her opponent look rather than how stupid she is.

I missed it. Last Sunday was the Earth's birthday. Well, according to Creationist mythology it is. Oct 23 was the anniversary of the beginning of creation. The next day the Earth was created. Yesterday God called it good. [link]

Some artistic pumpkin carving. [link]

I'm not a fan of, but I thank them for feeding my free e-book collection. [link]

Someone built a working Banana Jr. [link]
Wadda ya mean you don't know what a Banana Jr is!?! [link]

The science fiction B-movie in three and a half minutes. 

You're finally getting over that phobia of bacteria you got from that dental film in 1st grade? I need to fix that. Read and be afraid. [link]
Warning: very long

I made a submission to Totally Looks Like recently. A page was created, but it hasn't appeared on their page. So it's exclusive to you people, I guess. [link]

Sears' Halloween site. [link]

Shakespeare plays to be performed in their original accent. Interestingly, they're performing it in a part of the country with an accent that most TV and radio personalities try to emulate. Kansas.
Samples of the plays available at the link. [link]

I'm short some Doctor Who fan service.
The first time the term Time Lord was used, the first time The Master appeared, the first time we saw Gallifrey were all in the last episode of the second doctor. You can watch this episode and most others at the link. [link]

While his wife was in surgery because of a congenital deformity in their fetus, some guy goes out to yell at the know nothing scum that accosted them on the way in to the women's clinic.

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