Monday, October 18, 2010

Movie review: Let Me In

I saw "Let Me In" the other day. It's a remake of the Swedish movie "Let the Right One In" based on the book of the same name.

I saw "Let the Right One In" several months back. I didn't, however, write a review of it. Probably because it was a NetFlix rental and I tend not to review those. I'm going to say that I prefer the new American version.

I don't want to say that it's because it was subtitled. I tend to turn on closed captioning at home. Reading subtitles isn't a problem for me. But I'm gonna admit that some of the nuance might be lost that way. Or maybe the acting in the American version was just better. Certainly less subtle. Or, again, maybe it seems that way because in the Swedish version the words were disconnected from the behavior due to the subtitles.

The American version has better special effects. The vampire moves faster and more jerky. The makeup is creepier. There's more gore. In this case it adds more than just flash. I'd show Yummy the Swedish version, but not the American version. The special effects add just that much of a different tone that she'd be scared of the American version.

What's the movie about? That depends on your perspective.

It could be a coming of age story about a twelve year old boy dealing with bullies, divorce, and his first love. Only his first love is with a vampire girl who is his own age.

It could be the story of how a vampire trades her old and worn out Renfield for a new one. How she takes an outcast loser with some budding psychotic tendencies, hones his ability to do violence, and makes him feel wanted enough to follow her anywhere.

I do recommend this movie. Either movie. They're quality films on several levels. But will I get it on DVD? Probably not. Not right away. Someday, maybe, when I want to show it to someone. But I probably wouldn't watch it over and over.

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