Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Links: October 8

DUDE! When I said POST I didn't mean POST and then vanish! Now get out there "Friday Links" or ELSE!

Buncha free audio books. [link]

This guy is building a computer inside MineCraft. Watch this tour of his Arithmetic Logic Unit.

Watch the launch of this camera on a weather balloon and it's return to Earth. [link]

TV deity Stephen J. Cannell died last week. [link]

Frederick Pohl recently got a Hugo. During their congratulations the people at Encyclopedia Britannica mention that he also wrote their entry on Tiberius. [link]

I didn't know starlings could talk.

You may have heard about the guys who won a Nobel Prize for creating graphine. It's a sheet of carbon, graphite, one molecule thick. So far it's not used for much, but has great potential in thin, flexible electronics. And, I think I could make repairs with a pencil. Maybe not.
It can also be spun insanely fast. [link]

Awesome e-mail exchange at The Chive. [link]

In a recent review of an Ayn Rand book John Scalzi said the world that she created was absurd and that the authors fans wouldn't think so highly of her thinking if the world were the same, but run by intelligent yogurt. With that idea stuck in his head he couldn't work until he wrote a story about a world run by intelligent yogurt. Enjoy. [link]

Hungover owls. [link]

Glacier National Park still melting despite insistence by global warming deniers that things aren't getting warmer. [link]

You don't pay city taxes, you get no city protection from fires. [link]

I think I linked to an older story about this once. It's a floating wind turbine. [link]

Floating foam bazooka. [link]

Put down the gun. You have 10 seconds to comply. [link]

You just have to believe in yourself. This is why I'd rather that politicians have little to no faith. Belief isn't enough.

Michael Behe is something of a name in Creationist circles. He's released a few book, testified in a few cases, and argues completely discredited arguments about irreducible complexity. Well, now his son has come out as an atheist. Here's where people have been asking him questions. [link]

Science Friday needs your help. [link]

A company says they can now mass produce spider silk. [link]

European Space Organization (I'm guessing) has released their top 100 space photos. [link]

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