Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Links: October 22

The Angry Astronomer tries to clarify the Big Bang. [link]

"The Courtier's Reply". After the Emperor got his new clothes and some kid said he was naked the news pundits jumped in. [link]

BenoƮt Mandelbrot died of pancreatic cancer recently. I guess whenever they removed the tumor there were an infinite amount of smaller ones... or something. See, because he's the guy who created Mandelbrot Sets. You know, fractals. Those posters you see on the wall of mathematicians and stoners alike. Look, I'm just here to post his brief biography [link] and this music video about him.

Not terribly pious Catholic rapper. Gandolf laughed.

Image: The map of the first artificial genome. [link]

Fifteen year old kid gets a quack "medicine" banned. [link]

infographic: How high is Earth's atmosphere? [link]

If I ever adapt one of the barns as a living space I'll have to get some of this sea mine furniture. [link]

This is very old news by now, but this old two hour Nova episode gives a good presentation of what evidence was presented in the Dover intelligent design case from a few years back. [link]

Why have I not heard about this place? They're gonna fire up a star on Earth. Their goal is to make more energy than they use. [link]

image: instructions from hell. [link]

Notes for an unpublished Dr Seuss book. [link]

Measure the speed of light with a microwave. And some marshmallows. [link]

Privacy fail. [link]

The seasons in Kansas. [link]

Coffee powered batteries. [link]
I'm thinking I might use one of those to power one of these that stopped running on water.

According to this article, you don't want anything transplanted from me. You'd probably end up allergic to yourself. [link]

Image: How to tell what actually works. [link]

Images: great images through a microscope. [link]

Russia is hosting a conference to help save the tiger. Go Russia. [link]

Interview with R. Crumb. I'm reading his illustrated Book of Genesis. Didn't know he also came up with "Keep on Truckin'". [link]

Another theory about what led to the Iraq War. [link]

I've heard of the Alfred Dreyfus trial, but knew nothing about it. It was remarkably influential. [link]

Willow based architecture. [link]

What house needs this many lights? [link]

Please, oh, please don't let Christine O'Donnell get elected for ANYTHING. This article and video covers her face planting on the separation of church and state in the Constitution. [link]
Lets see that again from another angle. [link]

100 mpg? I'd drive this car. [link]

"English Heritage" claims exclusive rights to images of Stonehenge. One photo library asks what right they have to claim that. [link]

Cat and mouse play Mortal Combat. 

Spinning bullet on the ice. 

I'd totally tell my kids this story. 

Google has self driving cars. [link]

Someone backs up my argument that America was settled not just to escape religious prosecution but to allow settlers to practice their own. [link]

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