Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Links: October 15

.ck is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Cook Islands.
So, businesses in the Cook Islands have websites that end in

Another "scale of things" site. [link]

Horrible doll creatures. [link]

Damn that's pricey. [link]

Dr Who fan service of the week. They'll be filming in America. [link]
And Matt Smith gets a Lego made of him. [link]

Kick ass cars that never were. [link]

This should give you an idea of how old Queen Elizabeth really is. [link]

Violin built in prison camp. [link]

Cars from TV shows and movies. [link]

"Zork" for your e-reader. [link]

Marcel the Shell

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Facebook's iPhone app publishes your phonebook. [link]
Like I don't have enough reasons to avoid Facebook.

Could an all powerful being prove it's all powerful? [link]

Places in Spain to avoid if you suffer from vertigo. [link]

Cheap pearls. [link]

Interview with an autistic Presidential appointee. [link]

20 year old frozen embryo was still viable and results in live birth. [link]

Kevin Bacon be damned. How many degrees away from Hitler is any Wikipedia article? [link]

More pictures from the making of Star Wars movies. [link]

What a Superman/Doomsday movie might look like. Stick around past the credits.

Stephen Fry on language.

Frederick Pohl has a short quiz and the answers. [link]

Does this fix real cavities AND the holes that the dentist drilled into my teeth before saying I had cavities? [link]

The last two Harry Potter movies will not be in 3D. This makes my top 10 list of reasons to believe in some sort of benevolent diety. [link]

An hour long episode of Radio Lab called "Oops". It's a great episode. [link]

Picture: A Soyuz rocket launch pad just after takeoff - the flames of the rocket still in frame. [link]

Tales of fathers imprisoning, killing or crippling their daughter for not obeying his religious demands. [link]

A girl was hospitalized and her mother killed by the girl's brother and father for daring to oppose an arranged marriage. [link]
And their last name is Butt.

Party to cook as much as possible from one firing of an oven. [link]


Anonymous said...

Superman: Doomsday was a released animated movie in 2007 ( Looks good. PG13 for and animated movie is kinda cool and unusual for Superman.

Ibid said...

Yeah. I liked the inside joke of having Kevin Smith voice the guy making snide comments about the robot spider.
If you don't get the reference do a video search for "kevin smith superman".