Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New tire

I just got back from the Toyota dealership. Again.

A little while back I found a hole in the side of my tire. If it's vandalism then it was stabbed by a thin blade rather than slashed. I called the dealership, told them what was wrong and what I had. I set up an appointment, took time off work, went in, and they told me they don't carry that kind of tire.

Right. The tire that came on the car that I bought from them. They don't have those. Couldn't have told me that to start with. No, gotta go waste my time to find that out. That was more than two weeks ago.

Not having access to my car was an annoyance. There were several occasions that it would have been handy. I had to use it a couple of times even with the temporary tire to move stuff home from the office. Tomorrow is to be my first visit to the Ft Dietrick offices. Kinda need the car for that. Kinda the entire point of having the car.

Yesterday I called the dealer and asked them what the story was with my damn tire. Some doofus answered the phone. He took my information and said he'd have someone useful call me. He didn't.

I called again this morning. I went on hold several times before someone useful picked up. I had to explain the story each time since they couldn't tell each other why I was being passed off.

Finally, "Oh, yes. Mr. Wise. Your tire came in yesterday. I was gonna call you today."

I call bullshit.

But it's all sorted now. That's why this post was so late.

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