Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Links: October 1

Great trailer for the DC Universe Online MMORPG. Really. This is awesome.

And the director's commentary. [link]

A robot taught itself to use a bow and arrow. [link]

Found: 1 Dalek. Describe it to Exeter PD to have it returned. [link]

New MakerBot 3D printer. No, it's not the one you might have seen before. This is newer. [link]
I need to spend more time with the brick press on the farm. I'm going to model all the parts and print them on one of these to make sure I have it right. And then I think I'll release the plans for anybody to get at. The part that I'm working on now is missing some key measurements.

Game: Robot Wants Ice Cream - final game in the Robot Wants series. [link]

"I Dream in Retro" A video for those of us who grew up with Nintendos and Segas. [link]

Look at the background on this site. Continue watching it as you scroll clear to the bottom of the page. [link]

Well separated pitcher of drinks. 

You know how every side of a policy debate says the Founding Fathers were on their side? They're all wrong. [link]

"Beating Tetris" silent animation. [link]

World War I will end Sunday. [link]

Someone else doesn't get the game "MineCraft" game either. So he's built something extremely impressive. 

Confused dog. 

I'm not a fan of Bluegrass music, but I can make exceptions. 

Not gonna buy this game, but I look forward to seeing clips from it on YouTube. [link]

People who have been killed by their own inventions/discoveries. [link]

I've seen this architectural blunder happen over and over again. STOP MAKING CONCAVE REFLECTIVE WALLS ON HUGE BUILDINGS!!! [link] [also a link]

Some months back I posted characters from Team Fortress 2 dancing. Here's the final video. 

Reprocessed version of the big ass storm on Jupiter. [link]

The Pew Research Forum did a study and found out that I'm right. Atheists know more about religion and the Bible than Christians. [link]

Internet rules for those making six figures and up. [link]

Only one of the 37 Republicans competing for Senate seats in this election support doing something about climate change. [link]

The problem with living in a black and white world. 

A nun who is about to be canonised was excommunicated in her own lifetime. Why? She pointed out child raping priests. This was back in 1871. [link]

Titanium bone simulator. [link]

Japan makes these kinds of suits to help carry their elderly. We make them so we can load up our soldiers better. This one still requires you stay within range of the electrical cord.

Yet another planet found in the Gliese 581 star system. This one is in the Goldilocks zone and could potentially be habitable. [link]

You know that schmuck who made it look like ACORN supports prostitution and who tried bugging a Senator's office? Now he's tried to make it look like a CNN reporter tried to seduce him for information. [her take] [another article including a news video]

I'm not a football fan. First I heard of Pat Tillman was when he left football to go to Afghanistan. It was a shame when he died, but I didn't read the articles, read the books, or watch the movie about him. But I like this interview with his brother.

An article about how atheists deal with life threatening illnesses. [link]

A reporter talking about his choice to stop fighting the cancer. [link]

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