Monday, April 14, 2008

A very DC day

Sunday was a very DC day.

Sunday morning I wake to a ringing sound. Is it the telephone or the parrot? I wait. The ringing repeats. I fly down stairs. I'm reminded that a friend's fiance is in town and needs some showing around.

I go to the nearest Metro stop. As I go down the escalator I hear someone following me. Apparently he thinks he's William Hung (bad singer from American Idle whose horrid caterwauling has reached such legendary proportions that even I know who he is). When we get to the platform I find that he is a she. I exchange glances with one of the few other people on the platform. We roll our eyes at each other and sit. The singer flops down next to us and starts talking at the other guy very loudly. She's clearly on some sort of drug. He tries to be polite but he can't keep a straight face as she offers to show him her new Brazilian wax job. I'm sure that my silent laughs behind her back weren't helping him keep his calm demeanor either. She gives him her phone number and insists he call her right then. She shows him her tits. We escape onto the train. During the trip she starts going from car to car looking for him. I don't mean she steps out onto the platform and switches cars. While moving she opens the doors at the end and walks between cars.

I hop out and go hit Starbucks for a bit of breakfast. Outside there's some people desperately trying to ignore a screaming street preacher. All decked out in a suit that some people think automatically makes one respectable. He sounds a lot like the demented preacher who used to live next door and liked to launch into screaming tirades against demonic fireflies at three in the morning.

And then the 70° weather of the day before was gone. The visitor and I hit the Hirshhorn and strolled around the Tidal Basin in the wind and the cold.

Stoners, subways, Starbucks, street preachers, and showing around visitors. It was a very DC day.

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