Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The fishing expedition

This was written some time ago.


Three young boys sit along a wooden sidewalk, their legs hanging in space, fishing poles in hand. They face out towards the open ocean, the sun hanging over the horizon. They sit quietly.

BOBBY: So that's it, huh? It's over?
RALPH: You know which of your parents you're gonna live with?
TOMMY: Not really. Penny Smithers says it doesn't matter. The judge'll axe me but he's only being polite. They'll put me with whoever they feel like.
BOBBY: Penny Smithers is a jerk. She's just tryin' tuh scare you. She don't know anything about it anyway.
TOMMY: Yeah.
RALPH: What if you have to move away?
BOBBY: Why would he do somethin' like that?
RALPH: Both his mom and dad can't both live in the same house. Someone's gonna have to move. Lil' Henry Jenkins? His mom moved to Chicago and took him with him.
BOBBY: Then why's he still hangin' around here?
RALPH: Dunno. 's just what I herd.
TOMMY: Don' wanna move. All my stuff is here.
RALPH: Dummy, yuh git to take your stuff ...
(Tommy's pole twitches for a moment and starts to jerk violently)
TOMMY: I GOT ONE! I got one!
(The boys jump to their feet. Tommy waves the pole up and down while reeling in the string.)
BOBBY: Look at the size of that it's huge!
RALPH: WOW! Look at it thrash! I've never seen one fight like that!
TOMMY: Get the net! Someone get the net!
BOBBY: I got it! Bring it up!
RALPH: Don't lose it! Don't lose it!
(Bobby reaches down with the net and brings up a huge, wet, brown, rat.)
RALPH: Quick! Get it in the box! Oh, man, they're never going to believe this at school.
TOMMY(awed): I've never seen one this big before!
(Bobby drops the net on the ground and smacks it with a frying pan. He dumps the unconscious rat in a box.)
ALL(awed): Wow.
TOMMY: Where'd you put that bologna? I want catch another.
(the boys procede to hook another slice of bologna on Tommy's fishing pole.)

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