Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Perfect woman

Apparently the thing for bloggers to do this week is write about the perfect woman (or man). [link] [link] [link] So here goes.

Long red hair,
former Playboy bunny,
worked as a masseuse to pay for her education as an electronics engineer,
loves to cook,
and is crazy about me.

I used to have a better list than that.

But that's the fantasy list. My real list is a bit different.
Height doesn't matter. There's something to be said for amazons but you can't scoop one of them up in your arms.
I'm all for a large chest, but the important thing is that her waist is narrower than her chest and her hips.
There's nothing wrong with being a bit overweight. It can make her cuddly. It's more where the fat is carried on her frame than how much she has. There is a point where there's just too much. Her circumference should not exceed her height.
I like long hair in color extremes. Very blond, very dark, very red, very purple, etc.

I want a geek.
She should have been in the gifted program in school.

T-shirt and blue jeans.
Steak and potatoes.
Hates sports. I really miss the days when women hated football and baseball. I don't want to watch that crap and would rather she doesn't either.
She should read. Anything is good, but sci-fi, fantasy, and science texts are better.
Doesn't find getting drunk to be an entertainment in and of itself.
Likes to snuggle. And by snuggle I mean snuggle. We should be able to sleep a curled up together.
Has the attention span to play a long game of Risk or Monopoly even if she hates those specific games.
Would rather find a new use for something than just throw it out.
Notices that my ears lifting a bit IS a smile.
Knows more than me in some worthwhile area. Reality shows and what famous person is dating who are not a worthwhile areas.
We can feed off of each other's jokes.
Can get me to open up without months of dating.
Understands that just because I'm not trying to maneuver her into bed doesn't mean I don't like her.
Doesn't want to raise kids.
And she should be able to give and appreciate a good back rub.

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