Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'd been talking about getting a new portable machine for awhile. Lots of reasons really. My desk bound computer stopped talking to the TV after a Microsoft Update. Computer based DVD players are better than those in regular DVD players and PS2s. I wanted to be able to flop on the couch and develop my next website. I can no longer work on my novel off my PalmPilot and a desk doesn't aid creativity. What finally did it was my desire to see a Space Shuttle launch.

I went to the Apple store... yes, it's a Mac. I do graphics, page layout, audio and video editing. This is the best machine for the job. And if I want to use it play games I can partition the hard drive and install Windows on one. See, a Mac running Windows still runs faster and better than a PC running Windows. Get over it.

So I went to the Apple store and found all the sales people clustered up against a back wall. So I got in line. Nearing the front of the line someone asked me if I needed help. I explained that all the staff seemed to be hiding in the back room or pressed against this wall by the press of customers. She hauled someone out by his ear and forced him to help me. I told him what I wanted, what it cost, and pointed at it. He started talking about getting an AirPort (Apple for wireless hub), wireless printer (I don't print), wireless external drives (unnecessary), now just shuffle off and get me what I asked for. He returns with a disturbingly small box. He's telling me stuff I already know while read the back of the box. I hand it back and repeat my order. He goes in the back and returns with it. I swipe my credit card in his portable reader and try to leave. No, I don't need a bag. This box has a handle. I have what I want. Now go away and stop trying to sell me stuff.

The specs:
It's got a 17" widescreen monitor with 1920x1200 resolution. 200GB HD. 2GB RAM. 2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. OS 10.5.2. There's a camera above the monitor so I can video conference with others with the capability.

So one of the new computers that are supposed to show any day also has a camera. Instead of hiking to my office she can just bring me up on her screen. We should even be able to share screens so I can see what she's messing with. Actually, I should be able to share screens with all the new machines.

Probably the best new feature is Time Machine. It's basically backup software. I'm just bad about getting work stuff backed up on a regular basis.

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