Thursday, April 17, 2008

Movie Review: 88 Minutes

Al Pachino is a psychiatrist whose testimony helped put a man on death row nine years ago. As the execution date comes up someone with the exact same MO starts a similar string of murders based around Pachino's students, friends, etc. Then Pachino gets a call that tells him he has 88 minutes to live. He has to solve the murders before he gets killed himself. As events unfold the evidence for the murders indicates Pachino himself may be responsible.

It's standard fare for this kind of movie. The accused has everyone convinced he may be innocent but drops hints to the star to let him know he's not. They do an unusually good job of casting suspicions on anyone and everyone so you don't really know who dunnit until near the very end.

Half the reason for seeing the movie is just to see former Bene Gesserit turned redheaded hottie, Alicia Witt.

I probably wouldn't have paid to see it just because I don't really watch the murder mystery shows. Fans of CSI and similar detective shows should enjoy it. This movie takes that sort of story line and adds a dose of suspense. Not a big one, but one that the average viewer will find palatable.

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