Friday, April 18, 2008

And now, young Skywalker, you will DIE

So we've managed to drive Pope Palpatine from DC. It's kinda hard to believe this is the same Ratzen-whatever that 3 years ago was selected by God, and a super-majority of Cardinals after numerous votes, to become Pope. I mean, Ratzinger was kind of a thug and a bully before. He was the unforgiving arm of the Vatican before becoming Pope. The last remnant of the Spanish Inquisition. It was his job to be strict and stern and come down hard on disbelievers. I guess this was so the Pope didn't have to seem like just a bastard.

But since becoming Pope Ratzie has been a different person. He's admitted that many parts of the Bible aren't actually true, but allegory. He's given Catholics permission to believe in Evolution so long as they believe it was driven by God. But he still says that humanity was not the "accidental product, without meaning, of
evolution". Yesterday he personally apologized to many of the people who were sexual abused by priests. Not that he's actually done anything about it before now.

Of course, in 1950 Pope Pius also says the evidence for evolution shows it's worth considering. And Pope JP said in 1987 that the "evidence for evolution was heavy enough to eliminate any reasonable doubt". Still, they take the attitude that at some point God pointed at a group of primates andsaid "OY! You! 'Ave a soul."

On the down side:
Famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says pope told him not to study beginning of universe.
After the Vatican Astronomers released a statement saying that "Intelligent Design" isn't science and claimed "It's not like [the pope] has a magic power, that God whispers the truth in his ear" they were booted from the Vatican and relocated to a disused convent.

And while I may not be his biggest fan I will defend him from people who claim he was a Nazi I must point out that he was a member of the Hitler Youth. He was 17 when the war ended. And while not all German kids were in the Hitler Youth like some claim, it was a good way to stay out of trouble. Three generations ago he was the German equivalent of a Boy Scout. While he was the head of the Inquisition that might be a much bigger concern.

But I'm still gonna look down on him for his views regarding the roles of women, the status of gays, and the use of birth control

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