Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Game review: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Video games. It takes a very special game for me to pay full price for it. This wasn't one of them. With the PS3 out the PS2 game prices are falling. Especially the ones that are 6 years old already. I picked up "Sly Cooper" for only $9.99. Not a bad price. I think I did slightly better than the $1 per hour that I expect from a game. Too bad the price had to come down so far to get to that point. But I was only really playing to finish the game and write the review.

The most interesting part of this game was what they did with the graphics. Sure, lots of games lately are playing up the cartoonish angle. This one does it by giving the characters and much of the scenery dark edges like a drawn cartoon would. Makes me wish I had more experience in 3D modeling so I knew how they pulled that off in a dynamically rendered scene.

The game itself is the standard run along and collect all the [ITEMS] in the level so you can get the [BONUS]. Along the way you beat up the [VILLAINS] until you reach the [BOSS] at the end of the level. Still, it's more engaging than some games.

Completely safe for kids to play. The worst that happens when you die is that you get set back a little bit. Not a great deal of frustration. The game is very solvable.

I'll loan it to the neighbor kids who will enjoy it a lot more than me.

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