Sunday, June 02, 2013

Arrival of the summer heat

It's hot in my house. Norman's house. The Baltimore house. It's hot.

When they told us that heat rises I assumed that the movement of air was a bit more active. It's warmer upstairs than it is outside so I expect a good breeze heading out the skylight.

There's about a 10F to 15F degree difference between levels. Upstairs is around 90F (currently 84F outside). Not because of heat rising, like I thought, but because there's no insulation under the roof. My laser thermometer has it between 94F and 98F up there depending on where I point it. So the roof is heating the upstairs. Only this box fan on wheels that's older than I am keeps things habitable up here. On Saturday I had it trained on me while I was chiseling away mortar (for 5 friggin' hours). In that room the roof was only in the upper 80Fs thanks to the fan moving the air.

The first floor isn't too bad. At least not when coming down from the top floor. The thermostat reads 80F. But the air is very still because my fan is upstairs where the work is going on.

I retreated to the basement for awhile. It's in the 60Fs down there. I finally got my wires nailed up and moved some lumber around. But that work, combined with the still air, soon made it so even the cooler air wasn't doing much good. So I'm writing this upstairs in front of the fan as it pushes air down the hall. I'm still way warmer than I'd like, but more comfortable than in the still air one floor down.

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